3 Best Notepad++ mac Alternative

Notepad++ is considered as a powerful text editor but it is limited to Windows users. But unfortunately, there is no Notepad++ dedicated version is available for Mac users. But the good news is that there are a lot of alternatives to Notepad++ mac. Here, we have compiled some best substitute for notepad++ on Mac OS. These code and text editors have almost the same features as Notepad++. These text editors are not only best text editors but not too pricey. They also support tons of the programming languages. They have unique features including macro recording, interface customization, and syntax highlighting. Let’s have a look at the best alternatives of Notepad++ for Mac OS.

Best alternatives for Notepad++ mac


Atom is one of the best open source text editors that are created by the Github team. This code editor is developed for online creation. The best part of this text editor is that it can edit and modify itself. If you have enough knowledge about JavaScript and HTML then it also helps you to do work as you want like other open source text editors. It is featured packed editor including Github conflict management, Modal control, color & font display and project management. It has also a highlighter feature that is compatible with some languages. For other unique features like history management, changing linter, file themes or icons and cursor position, it is best to open source code editor out there.


“Brackets” is developed by Adobe who is the creator of a most famous app named “Photoshop”. The best thing is that this text editor app is free of cost with new features and extensions. They introduced new extensions every month. The best features of this text and code editor including CSS hints, tons of themes, instant search, JS Hint support. Most of the developers use this tool frequently in the Git. Its built-in features help you to do easy Git integration. This text editor is available with best features like “Extract” that get the info from PSD files such as font, measurement, color, and gradient.

Komodo Edit

Komodo IDE is incredibly popular among the programmers as it is best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) out there. Komodo Edit is the same version but it is light and free of cost. This text editor app has unique features than other relevant apps. It has many useful and typical features including markdown viewing, Support for tons of languages, auto-complete and change tracking with this app.


We discussed some of the best alternatives for Notepad++ mac out there which can reproduce your experience on Mac using Notepad++. These choices are limitless that gives you a variety of choices. These apps are not only productive, tremendous and blazing but also available for free. Some of the text editors come with a money back guarantee and 30 days free trial that allows you to test the app before purchase. All you need to choose the one that fits your requirements. Leave a comment and let us know which one you are going to choose for your next project.