5 best cars to drive

Following mentioned are some of the top picks of the best cars that especially are the best option for driving by the new drivers. These below-mentioned cars are called to be the best because they are easy to drive, easy to own and cheap to buy.

1-   Suzuki celerio

This car is famous for being the first family-friendly car. It isn’t the fastest car in the list but its user-friendliness makes it the best. This car is to drive and not being so fast doesn’t mean that you would be late for your destination. Mirage and Wigo are the cars same like this and they tend to offer the same frugality and space to its users but Celerio is the best in regards to its smooth driving manners. This car is completely easy for driving as it has got the steady steering with very less fidgeting in the crosswinds that are on the highway if it is being compared with other small cars. The car has got huge windows and its adjusted size makes it easy for the drivers to park it easily even on the tight no space locations.

2-   Toyota Vios

The vios is regarded to be the safest vehicle of the times since it is in the market. This car is the one to boost as many airbags as compared to all other cars on the list. This doesn’t make this car a scorcher but this car has got a decent fuel economy and is regarded as one of the best in terms of reliability. This car would be best for the students to have because it is completely economical and it is an exciting vehicle to drive.

3-   Honda City

If you want something to give you a luxurious feeling, this would be the perfect car for you because it has that luxury feeling for you. The car has got a big engine of 2.5 liters that is a way to boost the economy and other than this; it has got CTV that is long-geared. The huge windows, steady suspension and the finger light steering of the car make it worth driving. The trunk and the backseat of the car are the best among several other options available for you.

4-   Mazda 2 hatchback

This car certainly would help you in getting the best taste of driving by providing you a quality drive and amazing features of the vehicle. If you have just learned driving, this car would be the best for you to have because this car has been designed for the beginners especially. It has got an efficient engine of 1.5 liters that is mated to a six-speed automotive snappy which grants the best performance and high support to the economy in this way. The nimble handling and the sharp steering of the car make it more amazing to have spirited driving experience.

5-  Suzuki Vitara

Last in the list but not the least, this is an amazing car which is also a part of the family-friendly cars list and has got an expensive interior. The panoramic sunroof of the car makes it easy to stand in traffic without even the car getting heated up.