How to Research Target Audience on Instagram and get real Instagram followers

When you are going to develop your growth strategy for Instagram then the first thing you should do is to research your target audience. Producing quality content is the key to success on Instagram and must know what your audience like seeing on Instagram in order to produce great content.

Check out what type of voice tone they find relatable when you are going to write a compelling post caption. Also, you need to know what the right time to post is and when your followers are online. But how to find your target audience? How do you get real Instagram followers? We are happy you asked. So read on to find out!

Start with bigger marketing personas

If you are an established brand, you perhaps have a buyer persona which is a profile that you want to promote your products. Define your target audience on Instagram and see what the ideal customer looks like. Use Instagram analytics to get more detail about your audience and add more nuance. You need to ask yourself some questions such as what is your product, what is my target audience (for whom this product is designed for), what is the core interest of my audience and how can I attract that audience.

Check your Instagram demographics:

When you are going to research your target audience, demographical insights can greatly help you out. To get the demographical insights, on your Instagram app, go to the insights and click audience. You can see the most basic stats about your followers i.e. their age, gender, and location as well. You can use this data not only to run your Instagram ads and use it to generate the content in front of your target audience.

Stalk your followers:

On Instagram, you can see who the people are that are following you and get engage with your posts. Click on the users who liked your recent posts and visit their profiles. On their accounts, what they are posting themselves, what type of hashtags they are using and read their post captions. Also, check what language they use in their posts. If you find that your audience uses a lot of abbreviation like Lamao, LOL and use emojis with their posts, you might want to add them in your own post captions to make them more relatable.

Send DM because it never hurt anybody

Direct Message also is known as DM is the best way to connect with your followers. You can send DM to your followers to ask what they want to see on your account and why they did follow you. Especially when someone like your every post and leave a comment on a regular basis. This way, you can build a strong relationship with your followers. When you understand what your audience wants to see and what they have interest in, you will be able to generate engaging content. Also, you can get real Instagram followers in a fraction of time.