What are the benefits of Surrogacy

Over the year, surrogacy has become a very famous yet controversial treatment for infertility. Though the process has a high rate of effectiveness yet it is very complex and expensive. In order to carry out surrogacy a lot legal as well as medical steps have to be carried out. Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproductive technology. The intended parents come into an agreement usually a legal one, whereby a surrogate agrees to carry and care for their baby until it is born. It is in your best interest to always consult a specialized doctor such as surrogacy doctor in Varanasi.

Different people are involved in surrogacy and the method means something different for each person who is involved. It is an extraordinary journey that is without a doubt a very rewarding one. Here are a few benefits of surrogacy for intended parents as well as the surrogates.

Benefits of surrogacy for intended parents

Intended parents opting for surrogacy may include heterosexual couples facing infertility, women not able to carry a child, or homosexual couples wanting to have their own genetic family. The desire to have a child is the one thing that is common in all of the intended parents and surrogacy makes their dream become a reality. The main benefits for intended parents include the following.

  • Surrogacy enables infertile couples, single parents, and homosexual couples to become parents.
  • In the case of gestational surrogacy, the parents can be genetically related to their child.
  • A unique yet hopeful experience is given to parents to raise a child starting from the time of birth.
  • Surrogacy enables the to-be parents to experience the whole process of pregnancy from conceiving until birth.

Benefits of surrogacy for surrogates

Surrogacy is a life-changing experience. The benefits for intended parents are quite clear and obvious. Surrogacy brings a lot of benefits for the surrogates as well. Here are the main ways a surrogate can benefit from the process.

  • Surrogates get a sense of personal satisfaction and pride by helping a family that is in need.
  • Surrogates are able to make a strong and in some cases an everlasting bond with the intended parents as well as the child.
  • Through surrogacy, women can enjoy the whole experience of being pregnant even if their own families are complete.
  • All the expenses of surrogacy are paid throughout the pregnancy thus surrogates enjoy different medical and counseling services.

The bottom line

Many factors have to be considered before opting for surrogacy. The process may not be right for everyone. If you are in Northern India and want to pursue surrogacy, then do consult a surrogacy doctor in Varanasi.