What is BMI and why it is important to maintain health wise?

BMI stands for body max index and it helps the specific person to see if his weight is increasing from the average weight which he is supposed to have and that ultimately leads to health problems. There is a formula to check the BMI on weight and that is:

  • BMI that is less than 18.5 is supposed to be underweight
  • BMI between 24.9 and 18.5 is supposed to be healthy
  • If BMI is more than 30 is obese and it is considered to be dangerous.

For the people who have their BMI falling in the normal range category, it means that they are least open to the health risks associated with weight issues. If the BMI is overweight or obese, there are the risks for several health problems to arise like that could be high blood pressure, joint pain, diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, and arthritis. If the BMI falls into the category of underweight, you have to face health issues like bone loss, hair loss, illness, and hormonal issues. Having BMI at its normal range doesn’t mean that you will be fine. You can either face the same health issues if the diet you are having is not healthy or if you consume too much tobacco or alcohol.

–   Follow-up care

Once you know you are facing any of these kinds of issues, rush to your doctor and tell him the complete details and also keep the list of medicines with you that you have been taking for long.

–   Taking care of yourself being at home

Following are some of the tips which can help you in being fit and fine:

  • Make yourself habitual of eating healthy foods. The healthy diet contains fruits, vegetables, grain products, meat and milk and all those foods which have rich calcium and proteins.
  • Take recommendations from your doctor and do exercise. You can also select to walk rather than exercising as this too is a good option. Try to walk for at least 150 minutes each week and increase the timings every day.
  • Smoking is injurious to health and if you are doing so, you need to quit smoking right now. For this purpose, you can seek help from your doctors and be a part of getting rid of smoking programs. Quitting smoking would automatically improve your health conditions.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol and try to quit it slowly. Alcohol also causes serious damage to your health.

–   Being obese

If you have the BMI that is more than 25, you need to visit your doctor and this way he will conduct your medical tests needed to identify the possible health issues which you would be having. This includes the measurements of your waist too which validates the test results. After having the reports of the test, you can talk to your doctor and get the advice regarding how you can improve your health and stay healthy.